Nihilism; the most logical view of life

Nihilism is the most logical view of life. Don’t like it? Prove me wrong.

Nihilists believe in three things

1. No objective values exist

2. No objective morals exist

3. No objective meaning exists

Nihilism is misrepresented many times. The word itself carries a bad connotation, and is often used negatively. The truth is nihilists don’t “believe in nothing”. In fact, nihilists believe all the things normal people believe, they just take not-believing-in-bullshit one step further than atheists. How? Nihilists realizes that values (meaning and morality are both dependent on the existence of values) are a man-made concept, just like gods.

To say that one ought to behave a certain way, is like saying that one ought to choose blue over red. Also the reverse is true, to say that one ought to not behave a certain way, is like choosing red over blue. You can very well choose red or blue, as long as you realize that one is not objectively preferable to the other. You can be a nihilist and still have basic morals and values as all humans do, the only difference is that you understand that morality is subjective, that morality is given to you by your own mind, not some god or external force.

Does objective morality exist?

The truth is, you will not find any morals in the laws of physics, or any laws of the universe. Morality is simply man-made. Made in the mind of the beholder.

Another take at it:

Things that IS, is a fact. Things that OUGHT TO BE, is an opinion. Morality deals with what OUGHT TO BE.

A nihilist is not devoid of value; instead he knows that his values lack objective value and are entirely proprietary. Having values does not invalidate me as a nihilist, I am human and not a computer. Instead, I know that my values and opinions are just subjective and they are not found in the objective world.

This video will expand on the differences between ought (value) and is (fact) very clearly:

All morality is a human made concept, something that tells us what one should do. And there is no correct way to measure what one ought to do, there is no correct way to measure morals and values. There is no invisible price tag upon every object that tells you how valuable that object is. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

“All things are subject to interpretation whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power and not truth.” Friedrich Nietzsche

~ by The Existential Nihilist on June 30, 2010.

6 Responses to “Nihilism; the most logical view of life”

  1. What is the nihilist perspective on academic evaluation (in the form of grades)? If there is a huge difference on what it is true and what things ought to be, then what is the whole point of grade inflation? The fact that instructors are inflating grades at institutions of higher education is an obvious sign that the academic paradigm is lie. This is especially true if students do not meet learning expectations and instructors do the aforementioned to protect themselves. So, how does morality play in such settings? Is it morally correct to extort money from parents to give their children an ‘excellent education?’ Is it acceptable to rank students’ intelligence solely from performance in the class? Why doesn’t moral character come into play because it evident that there are braggarts that forget those who do them favors (e.g. professors write recommendations for ungrateful students). The problem is that society agrees to participate in this meritocracy and the only way to change it is through radical change because there will be those lobbying against change who do everything in their existence to prevent change.

    The way things ‘ought to be’ is the opposite of what happens in reality. So, what’s Mr. Nihilist’s take on the matter?

  2. Using my ‘colloquial’ English, I find it difficult to converse with you. I appreciate the material that you have posted. I have searched the world for 72 years and all that I have found is ‘Cosmicism’, which has caused me to consider related topics. I thank you for posting.

  3. Love this article, finally found something that I agree with.

  4. “The truth is, you will not find any morals in the laws of physics, or any laws of the universe. Morality is simply man-made. Made in the mind of the beholder.”

    I think the one persuasive argument against morality being a subjective construct is the existence of certain self-evident, universal moral truths, such as “Equals should be treated equally.” That statement is true in physics, and I’d posit that it’s equally true in ethics and human relations.

  5. To sum up Nihilism is a short few sentences is this: Nihilism is essentially the acceptance that we humans are merely accidents of nature. There is no good or evil. And our actions don’t determine our destiny.

  6. So, while coming to the conclusion that morals and religion are all man made concepts, with special regard to animals because we have to notice that they can perceive as well and also form societies of sorts, meaning that we are equal to them in the fact that we are sentient beings and that we mammals are built from amino acids and cellular reproduction, we can see that science is a fact. When you approach an animal and it sees you, you see it, you form an interaction. These interactions, and how they affect emotions are part of what determines societal rules… Our education system is built off of regurgitating facts, most of which aren’t the only necessary items for survival. So your grades will be your adequacy to appropriate knowledge in the way your teacher or professor has asked. Nihilism seems extremely simple, and although at first can be seen as a “buzz-kill”, later brings us to the conclusion that most of the worries people have today are pointless. At least half of this country is unaware that we all use the same search engines which are regulated through government, so we get to thinking we might just know everything. However we can never know everything and realistically shouldn’t try. Just do what is asked of you if you wish to progress (you are given a choice as to which course you decide to take as far as what interests you, though this is also partly determined by genetics) and give no inflation to the idea that we must do anything. When morally obligated, you are pertaining to a form of societal acceptance, which in turn makes it easier for you to gain material objects. It would seem that if everyone was doing it, there must be something more to it. But the simple fact of that philosophical question seems to be that there is no proof of a higher divinity, meaning it is not applicable. We are just running around and wasting all of our energy on things that simply do not exist. If you would like to spend time separating the facts of life from fiction, it would seem that getting to know the intrinsic reality of science would be the most probable outcome, or at least a first step.

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