My Quest for Physical Immortality

Immortality, or living indefinitely without aging.

I’ve had many people tell me that they wouldn’t want to live forever even if they could. They say it would be boring, and it would be horrible to watch everyone around you die. But I think that is because people have developed a sour grapes view of immortality. (The fox could not reach the grapes so it assumes they are sour). But what would it mean if immortality was discovered?

How about all the people living before us? They are so unfortunate not to live at the time when it was discovered. If immortality is possible, then your potential lifespan would be infinitely times more than the normal lifespan. It would then be infinitely more valuable in that sense. What if immortality became the norm? Then not living indefinitely would seem like suicide. In fact, I could imagine that one day we will look back at this time, when people were mortal, and think “those ancient mortals lived so primitively, they were so backwards”. Not that we are primitive or backwards, but I’m saying that the norm changes every century, what is regarded as unusual at one time could be normal in another.

This is my view of immortality. Right now, in the context of the whole universe we are practically nonexistent. People are often afraid to look at the universe as a whole because it seems scary to think of ourselves as so insignificant. But no one should be afraid of truth. So who are we in this universe, where is our place? When viewed in the grand scale of our evolution, we are nothing more than a building block, a building block that is not even useful, not even needed. Without you, without any one individual, the evolution of mankind will continue. You are like a cell out of billions of cell living a lifespan of only a second in the grand evolution of the species. You will be here and gone in a blink of an eye. The truth is, we are not programmed to live a long and happy life, we are programmed to live just long enough to ensure the survival of our offspring. To ensure the survival of our genes. But for what? So our offspring can pass on our genes to their offspring and so on? This on-going, never ending process is just a result of natural laws functioning in the universe, it doesn’t have to be this way.

With immortality and other potential genetic or biological breakthroughs, we will no longer be like peasants obeying our very nature-given behaviors. Obeying our genetic functions that we did not even choose. We will no longer be part of this pointless process of death and birth. We will no longer be the universe’s play-toy. To me, immortality is a pleading, a pleading to be something more than just an object or product of natural evolution and the universe, immortality would be a freeing of the chains of evolution. It would be a true sign of advancement and complexity of the human species, if only we can achieve it. But I admit that I do not know how realistic this desire is at this point of human history. One can only hope, because we only live once.

~ by The Existential Nihilist on July 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “My Quest for Physical Immortality”

  1. Very interesting…
    existencialism…A.Camus, Sartre…
    we are only universe’s play toy?..maybe..but I don’t care because I know that human’s soul is immortal..and we will live in everlasting world.
    Thank you for great existential theme, Regards.

    • Wait a minute. You KNOW that we have an immortal soul? Many say they believe we have an immortal soul, but I have only seen a few that claim to KNOW. I would like to hear what absolute proof you have that we even have a soul.

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