There is no such thing as “living beings”

This is an extension to the “Human being are nothing but objects” post I made awhile ago. I thought of a better way to put it.

There is no such thing as “living beings”, but rather just complex biological machines programmed to survive through the use of irrational desires and emotions, which are the product of nothing except physical chemical reactions. Basically organisms are a complex arrangement of matter that became able to serve different functions and replicate its complexity through some sort of reproduction.

Complexity does not make us living beings, we are still dead matter.

~ by The Existential Nihilist on August 9, 2010.

6 Responses to “There is no such thing as “living beings””

  1. What is next? Will not man one day destruct themselves?Perhaps,Philosophy of Destruction will be the ultimate philosophy of existence of human species .

    What does you recommend a young who is in deep pessimism about existence?

  2. I agree to a certain degree that human beings are full of emotions that cause them to do irrational things, and even if someone wants to do the right thing their emotions most of the time will rule in the end. Most of the time my emotions rule in the end. Sometimes I tried to do the right thing, but with my naturally self centered nature I did the right thing, but always with selfish motives behind it as much as I didn’t want to be selfish it was impossible. Yes a human being is a object just like a chair which has mass, but a chair doesn’t talk or walk, so saying a human being is like a chair doesn’t make complete

  3. great blog good you are putting the truth out there

  4. You stated that “living beings” do not exist and yet you chose to define what the mainstream society classifies as a “living being” as “biological machines”. I find this weird as the definition of the word “biological” by itself means that whatever noun you associated this word with, is related to biology, which is defined as the science of LIFE or LIVING matter in all it’s forms and phenomena. You also go on to state how these “complex biological machines” are “programmed” to survive through the use of irrational desires and emotions. I do not understand why you, an existential nihilist/atheist would use the word “programmed”. What this word implies is that there is/was a higher/intelligent being that created and implanted an instinct within these complex machines that pertain to the science/study of life or living matter in all of it’s forms and phenomena. These small, what I perceive to be as errors, reveal unto your readers that you are either not a complete existential nihilist within your own mind and you may posses a small doubt in atheism or, you are yet young and you are unable to properly convey your thoughts. This jeopardizes your ability to label yourself as a definite existential nihilist.

  5. To call matter “dead” takes quite the leap of faith. You would make a great christian.

  6. It’s ambiguous what you mean by a living being. My definition of life is to make choices. To make choices one must have knowledge of the alternatives and free will. Without free will there wouldn’t be choices but only one possible course of doing. Awareness of prevailing conditions, that is achieved through perception sets the will free. Free will does exist in the first place as limited or unlimited. It isn’t an absolute but something that can be achieved through awareness. Consciousness that perceives is a certainty as Descartes put it: “I think, therefore I am”

    People are living beings. I have a hunch that what you oppose here is the romanticizing of life.

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