Humanity’s wishful belief in karma

I grew up believing that if I behaved well, that life would reward me. If I listened to my parents, if I followed the rules, then I would be rewarded for my good behavior. However, as I grew up I saw people get things that they didn’t deserve, and others deserved things that they didn’t get. People may never get the life that they deserve no matter how well behaved someone is. Perhaps it is in accordance to our inner sense of fairness or rightness that we always hope the good guys win, and that they will live happily ever after. The fact is, however, that life is not black and white, and there is no such thing as right or wrong, only consequences. What your character is itself does not matter, the only thing that matters are the consequences of what you do.

I hate it when people complain about how selfish humanity is. It is the nature of human beings to be selfish, that’s how they survived millions of years of evolution. If someone was not programmed biologically to be selfish, their genes may have been wiped out years ago.

~ by The Existential Nihilist on December 9, 2011.

9 Responses to “Humanity’s wishful belief in karma”

  1. I couldn’t agree more with you.

    I am glad you posted again.

  2. I disagree. People get exactly what they deserve for believing in positive or negative consequences for any type of behavior, they get rewarded nothing. What could be any better than that. Karma is a product of society; a synthetic environment that protects all humans from the selfish and competitive where all exists to survive. We, human beings forget that we are born of nature because we built our safe haven to disrupt the food chain and force ourselves to be its top predator, and thus avoiding being prey to any species except in few incidents. Since society acts by natural laws in a way that is the complete opposite of nature we run into many problems this being one of them. Basically society states, if you want to be successful, you must be both competitive and help others to be competitive in societal terms. This equates to you must be selfish and selfless at the same time. A contradiction what do you know, the great schema of the holistic human thought process. Since contradictions must by definition not exist, lets look at the obviously wrong premise. Humans must be selfless. Let’s compare this to any of our “animal” cousins we do not admit to being related to. Are they selfless, no. If two crocodiles were in a lake together and there was one food source to attack, you can put money on it that whichever one kills that food source, is not going to share, because it is instinctively programmed to be selfish to preserve its own life. Humans at one point were relatively the same until society was created. Selfishness whether biologically or voluntarily programmed if free will exists is what we are meant to be. The selfish people who most likely weren’t competitive most likely collaborated to form society decided that people should be selfish and selfless so that no threats would assume their own imaginary power. If you look at society, most people who are in the middle and lower class stress the importance of selflessness and charity, and bust their ass to get a job to use their earnings to try and help themselves and other people with those earnings which leads to financial struggle because they end up giving more than they have. If you look at the highest class, most people in that earn enough to give some away to others, but they do not do it for the others sake. Giving to charity reinforces that it is important to give in society, so high class members give to get support from the low and middle classes and end up making even higher gains through an act selfish giving. The highest classes of all societies make people believe they must be contradictions to succeed by appearing as contradictions themselves, using devices such as karma, charity, and religion. It is really just a sick joke that only a few have caught on to.

  3. Nice one. But it’s not easy to accept the fact all your hard work, all your attempt might be for nothing. It’s not easy to accept that you hope just so that you can give meaning to what you do.

    It’s easier to find comfort in hope, in religion and the theory of karma. And just like selfishness, it’s a part of evolution. Infact, you could call it a poor man’s selfishness – instead of manipulating the world around you, you manipulate your own thoughts and try to give meaning to your life.

    I don’t know why you hate it when people when people complain about others being selfish. If you can be sympathatic toward selfish people, you can also be sympathetic towards people who expect better from humanity. Or is it that you feel that selfishness is more logical?

  4. You’re generalizing life a bit too much imho when you’re putting social behaviour of reptiles onto one level with those of mammals – There are obviously evolutionary differences between them.
    Gregarious animals instinctively express their selfishness within a group in a far less destructive way because said group provides them with shelter and increases their chances of survival.
    Fact is we have evolved from such animals and we do have a strong need for acceptance and attachment – things that carnivores for example do not share with us. Might also be a reason why we have a strong predisposition towards religion and faith.

  5. How about some existential nihilistic humor???

  6. My favorite pet peeve! Even people who claim no religion frequently profess a vague, subjective, yet UNBELIEVABLY stubborn belief in their own weirdly narcissistic version of Karma, which ultimately always boils down to:
    “When bad things happen to people I don’t like, that’s Karma punishing them for their misdeeds. When bad things happen to me, it is unfair, and Karma will punish whomever is to blame for my misfortune (because nothing can possibly be my fault/ Karma couldn’t be punishing me, I’m too good).”

    I think being a ‘good nihilist’ (meaning ‘good at being a nihilist’, not a ‘morally righteous nihilist’, which would be a funny oxymoron) basically amounts to never forgetting that one’s own actions and events are, ultimately, equally as meaningless and unimportant as everyone elses’, while many people who profess themselves to be “good” (meaning ‘morally righteous’, this time), ironically, always seem to insist on placing themselves and their own actions on some kind of moral pedestal in relation to anyone who they see as a threat to their social status.
    In that way, nihilism is ultimately a more morally equitable (I mean, ‘seeing everyone as morally equal’, I’m not sure I said that very well) philosophy than those which hilariously and hypocritically attempt to define humans as “good”.

    Time for lithium. nomnomnom!

  7. also, snickerdoodles is way off.
    We ARE carnivores. We not only have things in common with carnivores and predators, we ARE the APEX carnivore, the APEX predator. We kill and eat more meat than any other species, more than we could ever possibly need, and we’re so fucking smart and sadistic that we breed it to our taste, just for the pleasure of slaughtering it and devouring it. Delicious!
    We’re the best, baby. Believe it.

  8. we kill, dismember and burn their babies, chew their flesh and suck their bones!

    to a chicken, your sunday dinner is no different than the batman massacre.
    the horror!

    “Tomorrow is harvest day; but for the carrots, it is the Holocaust! Let the rabbits wear glasses! can I get a ‘amen’? Life feeds on life; this is necessary.”–some tool.

  9. How do you determine who deserves what. How do you determine how happy the undeserving prick is or unhappy the deserving good man is. The premise for your post is simplistic and in my opinion, very juvenile. There have been much more convincing arguements made afainst morality. But even if morality is a construct of humanity, does that make it less real? I have built some pretty real objects in my lifetime. But I guess since I made them, that means they’re not real huh? Tbis is the dumbest philosophy I’ve ever heard. I can’t believe you people gather around and suck each other”s dicks while you gloat about how stupid people who believe in something are.

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